Brand Story

    “Through NMN, the power to live beautifully and healthily”
    From such a thought, EUREA was born.

    Today, it is said that we live in an age of 100 years. Staying healthy and beautiful is an important factor in determining quality of life. We manufacture the world's highest quality NMN and provide it to our customers in the hope that they will lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. With that in mind, we created EUREA.

    What is NMN that the world is paying attention to?

    NMN is an abbreviation for nicotinamide mononucleotide, a precursor of a biosubstance that decreases with age. This substance is an important molecule for healthy body condition and needs to be replenished when low. However, this substance itself cannot be used by the body even if it is ingested.

    Therefore, recent research has revealed that NMN promotes intracellular NAD+ production and activates sirtuin genes. This is attracting attention all over the world. By ingesting NMN, it is expected to replenish biosubstances and maintain a healthy body condition.

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    EUREA pursues the highest quality NMN made in Japan with Japanese raw materials.

    Eurea pursues the highest quality NMN and provides NMN made from Japanese raw materials and made in Japan. NMN is expected to activate sirtuin genes, and is considered an essential nutrient for a beautiful and healthy life. It has been difficult to stably supply and commercialize high-quality NMN, but Eurea uses high-quality yeast-derived NMN and is stably commercializing it. NMN is also used as a skin conditioning ingredient, and it is also effective for beauty.
    *NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide (skin conditioning ingredient)

    EUREA's Commitment to High-Quality NMN

    Patent for cosmetics containing NMN

    We have partnered with a company that has a "patent for cosmetics containing nicotinamide mononucleotide" to manufacture and sell high-quality products that can be used safely. Eurea is committed to providing the highest quality products for those who want beautiful, healthy skin.

    Joint research with research institutes

    Through joint research with Bayou Analytica, a company with advanced scientific and technological capabilities and a start-up company from Osaka University , we are working on the development of cosmetics and supplements containing NMN. Through this joint research, we are able to provide safer, higher-quality products.